About Us

Amplify-this provides an effective and easy-to-use platform to share social content and amplify the engagement on the content.

Mechanism of Social Amplification

Using Amplify-this, user can create amplification messages that could be easily shared with Stakeholders and Influencers. Amplification messages contain the social post(s) along with direct social links to like, share, and comment on the posts. To have access to enhanced features of amplification and get comprehensive analytics reports, signup for the software now .

Comprehensive Social Media and Influencer Management

To have access to complete functionalities of Social Media Management and to have real-time statistics of Influencer marketing, signup for myRosys .

myRosys is an innovative software for Social Media Marketing and helps to monitor, manage, and amplify the social media initiatives across multiple social networks and can facilitate to tap full potential of Social Media Marketing.