Brand Managers use Amplify-this to increase Brand’s social reach

Organic Amplification on Social Media Networks involves zero($0) spend on paid media and is considered to be one of the best way to increase reach of social media content and target relevant audience for the brand.

As per recent researches, less than 5% of brand followers will actually see the message. This coupled with short lifespan (not exceeding 2 to 3 hours) of the posts, has greatly reduced the social reach of brand’s communication.

Amplify-this provides an easy to use and innovative mechanism to share social content with Internal Stakeholders and Industry Influencers and amplify the engagement on the content.

Brand Managers have recognized the need to include stakeholders, coworkers, friends, and more importantly – Industry Influencers, in their efforts to reach large number of audience and get their brand heard through organic means.

Depending on the Social Influence of the amplifier (person who shared the content), brand communication could be exposed to much more relevant audience, than through any Inorganic/Paid Ads means.

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