Is Social Media Amplification Required?

Social Media Amplification is the mechanism by which reach and exposure of social content can be increased. Process to amplify the reach starts with sharing of an amplification message with employees, customers, fans, stakeholders, influencers, and other audiences. Each individual extends the message to their personal network, who can then promote it to their network and so on. As much as the social media post is shared, the more will be the reach and exposure of content to your social following.

A tried and tested method to enhance reach of content on social media is through the network of industry influencers. Influencers are the subject matter experts who are talking about the industry on digital channels and generally have large user following. To tap the social potential of Influencer, brands need to identify the right influencers, engage with their content, and then connect with them on social media channels. With more and more brand engagement with the Influencers, the likelihood of them becoming brand advocates increases.

Amplify-this provides an easy to use platform to share social content with Internal Stakeholders and Industry Influencers and amplify the engagement on the content.

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