Get more likes on Facebook, for free!

If you are a Social Media Marketing Manager and are using multiple social media platforms(like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.), then a real challenge you must be facing each day is “How to increase likes, comments, and shares on social posts?”

Most of the effective tips mentioned in Social Media Marketing Blogs would ask you to focus either on “Creation of Engaging Content” OR taking the “Paid Social Media Ads” route, among many others.

Social content, howsoever creative and engaging it might be, has a very limited Organic Reach (and that too is decreasing by time) and is visible to only a minuscule percentage of page users (Social reach for brand pages could be as low as 2%).

Brands spend million of dollars to increase Facebook likes, and enhance Twitter followers by using Social Media Ads, but does these ads really help them to reach the relevant users and get real engagement? In most cases, answer would be NO!

Amplify-this provides an easy to use platform to share social content with Internal Stakeholders and Industry Influencers and amplify the engagement on the content.

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